Be inspired wherever you are!

Altar Cards (5×5) 130# card stock in an EcoClear Sleeve. Made from plants and compostable.  Original photographs & uplifting words. Portable sunshine for the soul. Put them anywhere you want a reminder of the good in the universe.

Altar cards, stickers, magnets.

My intention is that your altar, the space you create to honor and be reminded of the Divine, will go with you wherever you go.

My intention is that you will be reminded of the good in the universe wherever you post your cards.

When you outgrow a card, or get tired of it, I ask that you pass it on to someone else who might benefit from it.

¢.50 of every item sold will go to charities improving the quality of life for all beings! May all beings be happy, healthy, & awakened to our Freedom! May we all awaken to the Light of our own Inner Being! Namaste!

 ps. My suggestion is to use one or two cards at a time to really focus on. Memorize the mantras & repeat them often. Let the images uplift & inspire you! Take time to stop & read the cards,  and whisper the mantras to yourself often!! You are opening to the possibility of your true worthiness and what that might mean for your life. Life is truly a gift, and all is grace!!

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